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Jay has a passion for teaching the arts including yoga, music therapy, piano, juggling and more! 

Jay is an exceptionally talented musical artist who graduated from Berklee College of Music, in Boston. Jay received a Bachelor of Music Degree in Music Production and Engineering. After graduating Berklee, Jay embarked on the music scene in California performing with his band the Phantom Image, along as a solo musician. While playing out live shows, Jay produced various albums in his studio.  

Jay is a singer/songwriter, producer, keyboardist, drummer, and artist and teacher. Jay has also licensed several of his songs to television, film and commercials!

Along with his own work, Jay continues to record and produce various artists and also teaching and playing music in schools working with kids of all abilities. Arts for All located in Traverse City has been one of his recent passions and is excited to bring his love of the arts to Charlevoix.


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