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Reuel Kenyon

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Reuel Kenyon

While not pursuing art or craft as a career Reuel Kenyon still, at age 78, makes, sells, and gives away drawings, paintings, and woodwork, notably mirrors with inlaid and/or carved frames. Raised in the farming country around Ann Arbor, Reuel was surrounded by the inspiration of nature and, while still in grade school, followed in the footsteps of John James Audubon. As a member of the Junior Audubon Society he was chosen to exhibit his watercolor paintings of birds at a nature center to encourage other kids to be involved in art and nature. In high school he discovered theatre and was able to do set design and lighting design for a local Gilbert and Sullivan Society. At Eastern Michigan University he took art and pre architecture courses. At home he continued to explore art and design.  Reuel believes most everyone has found themselves moved at some point to create and express themselves through the arts and to appreciate and find meaning in the work of others. Be it painting, film, music, poetry, dance, gardens and beyond, it calls to us.

Reuel has been an artist participant in the Charlevoix Circle of Arts Paint Out for several years, and is honored to return as a judge in 2023.

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