Kim Richelle

Kim Richelle is an author of books and illustration in mythology.  Her books don’t fit tidily into a category or genre. Yet she has written tomes and tales of faerie and tarot, written and illuminated for adults. 


Richelle is an elegant illustrator and writer who has embraced mythology and her own gift of clairvoyance since childhood. She attended Charlevoix schools and studied at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. She is married, the mother of two children and three step-children and lives in Charlevoix.

Richelle recently painted a public mural of Great Lakes fish on the Charlevoix Fish Cleaning Facility near Ferry Beach. She was quoted in a feature on Channel 9 news that she gladly donated her time for the community.

Banshee is the first book published under Richelle’s new indie press, Psykhe Press. She was especially drawn to indie presses and their stories after extensive searching and contemplation of publishing possibilities and prospects.  “It seems each has a unique vision and voice, prompting their own imprint,” she said.

She published her first book, The Day Rue Flew, in 2000, through her first indie press, Out in Left Field. She hopes to help publish other’s works through Psykhe Press, named for the goddess of butterflies, soul and breath. 

Richelle plans to soon publish her next illustrated book, Faerie Fobia, which focuses on fear, suppression and bias toward homosexuality. She plans to publish a total of nine themed tales, the Books of Ruevelation. 

“I'd like to include the unique and inspired books of others. I am surrounded and related to some extraordinary writers and artists. It is an extension of the dream I am already living to publish their wonder-filled and relevant works, as well,” she said.  “They include two of my three brothers, we grew up together on a Norwood farm. Joel Schnackenberg is a physicist and has written a series of science fiction/fantasy books and Matt Schnackenberg is a professor of rhetoric and an accomplished poet who will soon author an insightful autobiography, when he gets the moments to write it! I am sure my third brother, Randy Schnackenberg, has a book in him, too! Not least is my adventurous son, Jake Left, who has inherited the gift of clairvoyance along with the writer gene.”

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