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Kathy Kosins


I reside in two worlds. One as a composer of music and one as a composer of art.

Growing up in Detroit in the 1960s, I was serenaded by many forms of music and I specially soaked up modern jazz and American classics. In my 20’s, I performed as a lead singer in a rhythm and blues band and toured nationally. That propelled me to an award-winning career as a composer and performer of jazz and soul music. I’ve recorded six albums and eight singles and have performed throughout the United States and internationally from Beijing to London.

Since 2014, I have become an interdisciplinary artist, merging music and creating improvisational art on the stage, a presentation that blends my two loves, singing and painting. I am self taught, both as an artist and as a vocalist/composer. I hear color and see sound and translate them both onto the canvas. Whether composing music, or creating visual art, different periods of Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Thelonius Monk, the Jazz Crusaders, Roy Eyers and Donald Byrd, inform my technique allowing me the space in which to improvise what I am hearing, onto the canvas. I also channel modern-day innovators such as Esperanza Spalding, Robert Glasper and Kamasi Washington. Immersing myself in their work helps elevate me to a place where I can let my own voice come through.

All of these artists and the like, have influenced and inspired my music compositions and my visual artwork and helps guide me when collaborating with others. I carry that creative fervor into my private life, as I mentor students in the creative arts.

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