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About the artists of C3...

Jennifer Carroll.jpg


Mediums: Fused glass, stained glass, writer, writing coach, editor.

Jennifer Harsha Carroll marvels at learning the extraordinary moments and tales of ordinary people. And she enjoys helping others write their own extraordinary stories.

She is a writing coach, editor and ghost writer with independent authors and for Traverse City-based publisher Mission Point Press. She previously had the pleasure of working at four Michigan and Vermont newspapers in reporting, writing, coaching and top editing/management roles, including as managing editor of the Lansing State Journal and The Detroit News.

She also truly enjoys creating fused and stained glass art. She began her training as a Studio Artist for the Glass Art Center in Glen Echo, Maryland. She is lucky to showcase her glass art in Bier Art Gallery, The Charlevoix Circle of Arts and Freshwater Gallery in Boyne City.

Jennifer has deep Charlevoix roots. Her grandfather, Paul Harsha, grew up with his parents and four siblings in what is now the Museum at Harsha House on State Street. His sister, artist Irene Harsha, married Earl A. Young and created historical regional maps gracing many homes and buildings in Michigan and beyond

Jennifer was honored to help edit, research and support two biographies of Earl’s life including highlights of his 60-year marriage and creative partnership with Irene. Both books are featured in this exhibit, Boulders, The Life and Creations of Earl A. Young in Charlevoix and Mushroom House Man: The Story of Earl A. Young and His Cottages of Stone.

Exploring in and around Charlevoix with family has been a treasured part of Jennifer’s life since childhood. She moved here permanently with her husband, Stan, eight years ago. They are lucky to live on Lake Michigan and have two daughters, Nikki and Shannon, their creative pride and joys.

mary duggan artist.jpg


Mediums: Fiber Artist, Wool, Acrylic Paint, and Digital Illustrations.

Mary Duggan grew up in a military family and lived in Germany and Texas. From a young age she was interested in creating art, and art history. Her parents took her and her 5 siblings to see many important historical artworks while growing up in Europe. She moved to Northern Michigan in her early twenties, and worked in the hospitality industry until finding her calling as an artist.  

 Mary is a fiber artist and is best known for her felted creations, but enjoys learning different skills and mediums. Illustration, and portraiture have been her other areas of focus.

Being part of a community is important to Mary. This has led her to work at the Charlevoix Circle of Arts. She is also a member of the Charlevoix Creative Collective, and the Charlevoix Writing Club. She teaches classes in her specialties and enjoys watching others develop their creativity. 

Mary lives and works in Charlevoix. She spends her free time going on adventures with her daughter to area parks and beaches.

Shayla Johnson.jpg

Mediums: Acrylic, Screen Print, Watercolor, Linocut, Lithography, Mixed Media, Graphic Designer and Digital.


Shayla R. Johnson was born to Jodi and Mike Johnson in Milwaukee Wisconsin and moved to Michigan's Upper Peninsula early on in her life. Her parents both tried their best but worked a lot leaving her to spend time alone. Inspired by this isolation Shayla spent her life doing art as a means to understand and connect with others. This need to be creative as well as understand people led her to study Psychology and Advertising at Central Michigan University. She now works at Charlevoix Screen Masters in Charlevoix as a graphic designer.

Kathie Libert.jpg

Mediums: Oil, Watercolor, Illustrator, Graphic Designer.


Growing up in a suburban area outside of Dayton, Ohio, Kathie Libert was surrounded by art, music and enjoyed life with an identical twin, Karen. At the age of two, the twins were already starting their painting careers using paint-by-number oil paints. Unfortunately for their mother, it was not on canvas but on the bathroom walls and tub. In middle school, Kathie painted using watercolor and illustrated in charcoal and pencil, capturing her favorite subject matters including landscapes, people and animals.

She began exploring musical instruments, playing the guitar with her twin sister, writing music and later, as an adult, playing the piano by ear. Kathie won her first regional scholastic award in high school for fashion illustration, where later she received a national award for the illustration held in New York City.

Kathie received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Wright State University and later taught herself graphic design by purchasing one of the first Apple Macintosh computers in 1984. This experience helped develop her eye for design and led to creative positions in top advertising agencies in Virginia. In 1994, she opened her own firm in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, successfully providing brand management and marketing communications to top Fortune 100 companies for over seventeen years.

Kathie’s work was showcased in several small galleries in Old Town Fairfax, and Middleburg Virginia. Throughout her artist career, she taught classes to children, painted murals, designed large scale graphics for vehicles, custom-designed exhibits, websites, television set design and more.

Her latest adventure has been becoming a published author, another creative avenue that utilizes all of her God-gifted talents.

Ruby Smith_edited.jpg

Mediums: Stained Glass, Photography, Writing.


Ruby Smith grew up as a Charlevoix local.

She was surrounded by artists and craftsmen. Everyone in her family created something and she learned skills and interests from all.

Ruby spent hours in her grandfather’s wood shop, watched intently as he created stained glass pieces in his spare room. She tagged along when he and her father went on field trips with the Photography Club. There was always a dark room in her house encouraging photography experimentation.

Ruby’s mother began working for artists Norman and Judith Brumm when Ruby was five years old. Ruby grew up observing and learning Brumm’s cooper enameling and agate suncatcher work. She began working there as well when she was old enough.

Ruby never stops learning, dreaming, seeing and creating.

She and her husband, Matt, created and attend the Charlevoix Writing Club. She is currently the Activity Director at Boulder Park Terrace, where she is able to encourage others to be creative.

gallery talk mushroom house man_edited.jpg

Mediums: Painter & Illustrator


I was surrounded by beauty growing up in Buffalo, NY. The large willow trees and the creek by my house were a constant source of inspiration. I spent my childhood painting and drawing, and always knew art was going to be my life's work.
After high-school I studied illustration at Kendall College of Art & Design for my Bachelor of Fine Arts and moved from the city to raise my family near Lake Michigan. During that time I did commissions for stained glass church windows and oil paintings.
Painting in oils became my love. I focused on large closeup floral oil work and also create several large mural paintings and glass mosaic murals in public places and private homes.
My work has been exhibited throughout the country and can be found in private collections in the U.S. And I am also known for my large format paintings of my Native American Horse series. Since then, I've retreated to the beauty of the Charlevoix, Michigan lakeshore. I've been lucky to work closely with authors on published book illustrations and also gold leaf and hand lettering for privatelyowned boats.
My passion is creating beauty through art and I want every person who sees one of my pieces to inspired.

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