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Hi, my name is Emily and I am the designer, creator, and owner of Placed by Grace. Inspired by the incredible women in my life who’ve encouraged me to stay true to myself and to return to my creative roots, I followed my dream and this business was born. 


As a child, my parents and teachers referred to me as a daydreamer. I loved to create from a young age- drawing, painting, and sculpting anything you can imagine. I had a wild imagination and loved to dream. 


Fast forward fifteen years, and I found myself moving to a tiny island in Northern Michigan called Mackinac. On this beautifully dreamy island, I had the opportunity to work in a shop that showcased and sold local artists’ handmade pieces. By working closely with other creators, I couldn’t help but be inspired. And then one day, on a rainy October afternoon, Placed by Grace was born…from a simple daydream.

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