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"To me, living a spiritually or intuitively guided life means committing to taking action on messages I receive from my guides in order to live a balanced, joy filled life. It is embracing the fact that although life has stress, responsibility, and unforeseen obstacles, being open to receiving and acting on guidance to move through it will help reclaim that balance. Sharing my wins and losses as a Spiritual Lifestylist is my way of helping people find new ways to live their best lives as well."


Lindsay, aka Spiritual Lifestylist, lives in Charlevoix with her  family. She is an Akashic Records Reader, Sound Healer, and Spiritual Lifestyle Guide leading women on their spiritual path towards attaining their life goals.


For more information, and to book a reading or exploratory call with Lindsay, go to:

MEDITATION & SOUND BATHS with Lindsay Walter....


Sound Healing Therapy/Gong Meditation is a unique type of sound practice that involves using therapeutic singing bowls and gong instruments to bring about healing, relaxation, stress and tension relief. This practice is also sometimes referred to as a “sound bath” because participants are “bathed” in meditation sound waves, vibrations and healing frequencies.
During our session together, I will incorporate kundalini breathwork, guided meditation, and sound healing.

The benefits of this sound bath are:
*Deepening relaxation.
*Lowering stress and anxiety.
*Improving mood and well-being.
*Improving sleep.
*Heightening focus and energy.
*A feeling of rejuvenation.

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