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Heidi Finley

heidi finley.jpg

Heidi is a painter by nature and formal training, I enjoy color, and texture; am passionate about animals as subject matter, and am in constant conflict over my own style: Realism, or Abstract Expressionism? (There's a Dr. Jeckle & Mr. Heid joke in there somewhere.)

My B.F.A. is from Eastern Michigan University, and my M.A. in Fine Arts was finished in Spring '11 at the University of Saint Francis in Fort Wayne, IN. My principal media right now are tube oil, oil stick, and chalk pastel. You can see a video about my work here:

In 2006 I discovered marbling. The painter in me was lured by the intense, vibrant color. Manipulating it into new patterns fascinates me every time, again and again. This Etsy business was born as a result of my not being able to easily find top-quality marbling tools and materials in small enough volumes for a beginner.

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